20 Lessons Learned by Age 30

In honor of my 33rd Birthday this weekend I wanted to write a post about a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a while. It seems as though whenever someone is turning 30, you get one of two reactions: “eek, 30?! Wow. Old.” Or “It’s ok, 30 is the new 20 you know?!”. Now that I have had 3 years experience of life in my 30’s, I dee as though I’m qualified to tell you the truth. 30 is not the new 20, sorry…. It’s better! Ok, so you can’t drink anymore without a killer hangover and your idea of excitement might have shifted slightly (new fabric softener anyone?!) but that doesn’t mean that we give up.
In the words of my favorite TV alter ego:

“Enjoy yourself… that’s what your 20’s are for, Your 30’s are to learn the lessons; and your 40’s are to pay for the drinks” (Carrie Bradshaw – Sex & the City Movie)

Ladies, the mistakes have been made, the fun has been had, and the past cannot be changed. It’s time to learn the lessons, embrace your 30’s and live your best life possible!

1. Be strong when you need to be, but don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. It’s not weak, it’s human

2. A good haircut might not change your life but it can change your entire attitude about yourself, which Kyle give you the confidence to change your life

3. Never underestimate the power of a great hug

4. And, the theraputic benefits of an amazing glass of wine

5. Listen to your gut/heart – no matter what body part your intuition comes from, trust it. It knows what it’s talking about

6. Be polite – no one likes a bitch

7. Respect goes both ways. Don’t expect it if you don’t give it, and always respect yourself

8. Learn how to love your own company

9. Don’t make excuses, be truthful, even it’s when it’s hard

10. Pamper yourself and don’t feel guilty about it

11. Have patience, life goes by FAST

12. Spend time turning your living arrangement into your home. Don’t follow trends, do what feels like home to you

13. Find your passion and never give up

14. Don’t ever apologize for who you are

15. It really, *really* doesn’t matter what other people think – I cannot stress this enough

16. Always be strong enough to know when to walk away – a bad relationship, a bad job, even just a bad party

17. The past doesn’t define you unless you let it

18. Take care of yourself – wash your makeup off, drink water, eat right and exercise. You only get one body and it’s not getting any younger (sorry!), make it the best body you can possibly have

19. Those people who are there for you no matter what? Cherish them, they are what life is about

And, most importantly:

20. Everything is temporary – the heartbreak, the stressful job, the amazing party, even that pair of jeans that hugs you in all the right places (or that not so flattering pair), it’s all temporary. Ride out the bad stuff and cherish the good because this life is short and nothing lasts forever.


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