Friday Favourites: Pampering Edition

I don’t think I have ever been this happy to see Friday arrive, this week has been INSANE! Sunday night I had an idea of how I thought this week would go and it ended up throwing me for a total loop and being completely different. Between work drama, an ever growing workload, bridesmaid dress shopping, getting my house back to normal after throwing a bridal shower last weekend (so fun!), and just normal life, I have had enough with this week and I seriously cannot wait for work to be over today so that I can go home and relax with a glass of wine and have some well-deserved downtime.

So, I thought that in honor of my crazy week, I am going to focus this weeks’ Friday Favourites on products that are perfect for pampering yourself, and you can imagine that they have been well used this week!

Fresh Rose Face Mask – $75 – Sephora (Rose Face Mask)

2017-08-18 14_36_57-Rose Face Mask - Fresh _ Sephora

Whenever I’m really stressed, my skin really starts to suffer and starts looking dull and tired. One thing I found that really helps is the Rose Face Mask by Fresh. Not only does it revive dull, dry and tired skin, it has a cooling sensation and smells amazing! I mean, with an average of 2.5 roses per jar, how could it not smell amazing?! As soon as this mask touches my skin, I instantly feel better. The consistency is more of a gel and it doesn’t harden while on your skin. You leave it on for the desired amount on time, wash it off with water, and just like that, you look (and feel) refreshed again! This is one skin product that I will always keep in my cabinet.

Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath – $56 – Sephora (Fig Honey Bath)

2017-08-18 14_45_20-Fresh Fig Honey Bath - Laura Mercier _ Sephora

When you’re feeling stressed and burnt out is there anything better than taking a bubble bath?! I think not. Especially when you add in Laura Mercier’s Fresh Fig Honey Bath. This stuff is seriously amazing! The consistency is truly like honey and it really takes your bubble bath to the next level. Whenever I use this, the entire upstairs of my house smells like fresh figs and it’s both luxurious and fresh smelling. The tub itself is full of bubbles and afterwards your skin feels soft, smooth and lightly fragranced. Definitely a winner in the relaxation department!

It’s pricey but you only need a little bit (1-2 swirls from the super cute wooden honey twirler that comes with it), so the jar lasts for a long time and it’s great at doubling up as bathroom decor!


Voluspa Embossed Glass Chewan Bowl Candle – Japanese Plum Bloom – $33 – Nordstrom (Voluspa )

2017-08-18 14_52_27-Voluspa Embossed Glass Chawan Bowl Candle _ Nordstrom

I feel as though a relaxing night in wouldn’t be complete without some candles, especially if you are enjoying a bubble bath. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love candles, my house is full of them and it’s rare that I don’t have at least one burning at all times. However, a favourite for me right now is the Voluspa range. They have a huge range of scents, and colours, and one cool fact is their wax is coconut wax! The Japanese Plum Bloom is definitely one of my favourites, it’s floral but also fruity and the purple colour of the glass is stunning! Just like the honey bath above, these candles can double up as decor and look great in either a living room, bathroom, or even bedroom. They are also really great gifts!

Folklore Hand Cream – Raspberry – $8 – Chapters Indigo (Folklore Hand Cream)

2017-08-18 14_57_51-Folklore Hand Cream - Raspberry 50ml by Folklore _ Lotions & Oils Gifts _ chapte

If you are unable to do the full bubble bath/face mask/candles routine above, then using a rich, nourishing hand cream is a great alternative. Folklore hand creams leave your hands feeling immediately moisturized, calming dry or overworking hands and leave a delicious raspberry scent. I always have a tube of it in my bag!

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Cream – $32 – Sephora – (Sugar Lip Cream)

2017-08-18 14_58_15-Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - Fresh _ Sephora

Last but definitely not least, this is a product that I cannot live without. My lips are always dry. I think it’s a mixture of the dry climate in my city, being stuck in an air conditioning office building all day, wearing lipsticks, and not drinking enough water (I know, I need to work on that). I have tried just about everything and nothing compares to the Advanced Lip Therapy Cream from the Fresh Sugar line. It’s translucent so it doesn’t leave any colour and it always leaves my lips feeling moisturized and smooth. Huge bonus is that it also tastes really good! Since it smooths out fine lines, it’s also a perfect primer under other lip products. This is another staple that is always in my bag… and bathroom…. and car… and office.



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