How to Hate Sunday Nights Less

Ahh Sunday… I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I love not having to wake up to an alarm and being able to do whatever I want all day, but I hate knowing that the weekend is over and I have to return to work tomorrow. I used to not dread Monday’s, I had a sort of “it happens every week, get over it” kind of attitude. Then, as time went by and life started to happen more, I found myself getting super anxious and tense on Sunday nights (more so than usual). Sometimes just the thought of returning to work the next day could send me into a tailspin of anxiety and then I wouldn’t be able to sleep all night, which would result in Monday sucking more than usual. It’s a bad cycle that can be hard to break! Fortunately, I have been able to (mostly) get myself out of that slump and start to dread the week less, but it can definitely still become a struggle sometimes. With that said, I wanted to share with you some of the things I have started to incorporate into my weekly routine to help with the “Sunday Scaries”

Outfit Plan

For me one of the biggest time wasters in the morning is deciding on what to wear. I can be doing great in the morning and be ahead of schedule, then the second I get to deciding on clothes, all of a sudden I’m running way behind. It’s like my closet is a time vortex! I start to stress about outfits to a point where it can become ridiculous! To prevent this, on Sunday I make a quick list of outfit ideas for the week. Taking into account the weather and my work schedule (meetings, etc.), I think of 5 outfits that I can wear that week. Not only does it save time and stress in the morning, but it also prevents the whole “I’ve worn this outfit 15 times in the past month” situation, which evidently, is one of the things that causes the outfit stress in the morning to begin with.

Weekly Task List

2017-08-21 13_42_01-Posh Free 7 - Windows Photo Viewer

Yes, another list! Take a few minutes on Sunday to jot down important things for the upcoming week that you don’t want to miss. It could be as simple as “buy birthday card” to “schedule dentist appointment”. Getting all of those tasks written down on paper will make you feel more organized and less frantic when Monday rolls around.

Clean the House

No, a full top to bottom deep clean is not required, but a quick tidy up and once over will make you feel so much more relaxed on Sunday night when you go to bed, and you will feel calmer Monday morning when you get up. It doesn’t need to take much time, even 30 minutes is usually enough time to make sure you

Look Forward

2017-08-21 13_41_38-Posh Free 5 - Windows Photo Viewer

If Monday is looking particularly grim (like it was for me 2 weeks ago!), it helps to give yourself something to look forward to. Maybe you have a lunch date, or a pedicure appointment that week, it doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it gives you a reason to have something to look forward to. I know for me when I’m going through a really rough week, I think of the things that I have coming up and it makes it so easier to see through the clouds. Plus, I find it makes the week go by quicker.

Relax & Enjoy!

It’s the weekend, don’t let the worry of tomorrow take away the joy of today! SO cheesy but also so true. As a naturally anxious person I get this all too well… and it’s actually really sad. I’m far from perfect but I’m trying really hard to make a conscious effort to enjoy the weekends for what they are, and not let upcoming stress that hasn’t even happened yet, ruin my day.


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