My Top 5 Pet Peeves

Sept Writing Challenge #3 – My Top 5 Pet Peeves

Omg where do I even start?! I would love to be able to consider myself to be an easy going, nothing ever bothers me kind of person, but I’m not… I mean, who is, really?! Shit bothers me, and sometimes really stupid shit, especially anything that wastes my time. As mentioned in my LAST post, I’m super impatient so basically, if you don’t want to piss me off, don’t waste my time!

1. People who are late and generally don’t respect other people’s time

2. When my nails are growing out. I never go more than 2 weeks without getting a nail fill. I wish I could go weekly!

3. Slow, or afraid drivers. If you are not comfortable driving, find another way. It’s so dangerous for everyone else on the road.

4. When people have no self-awareness. This is totally the HR in me coming out , but seriously it drives me insane! Know who you are, where you are and what you are dealing with! Most importantly, be respectful! Sometimes it’s just best to keep quiet.

5. Running out of wine. Ok, not a “real” pet peeve but it can be legit. I hate it when I need wine and we have none in the house.

I would love to hear what everyone else’s pet peeves are!


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