Favourite Comfort “Food”

September Writing Challenge #5 – Favourite Comfort “Food”

So, I was going to write a list of my favourite comfort foods and then I realized that I don’t really have any. Yes, I love pasta, wine and M&M’s but I wouldn’t call them a “comfort”, just something I really, really enjoy. Instead, I decided to write about a comfort “food” that I can always count on, and do always count on.

Coffee! I love, love, love it! I know, who doesn’t love coffee

The comfort part comes in when I think about one type of coffee in particular… Starbucks lattes! I know, so basic white girl. But, if it makes you feel any better (because it does for me), I really don’t like PSL’s, so maybe I’m not that basic. My preference is a grande vanilla latte (which takes about 3 hours to drink), or lately I’m really into caramel macchiatos. One thing that that actually feels kind of lame to admit is I get really excited when I’m on vacation and I see a Starbucks. It’s like this mental thing that even if I don’t like the food anywhere else, I can always count on Starbucks. Kinda sad, right?! Whatever



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