5 Favourite Songs

September Writing Challenge #7 – 5 Favourite Songs

I was racking my brain trying to decide how to come up with my 5 favourite songs, I mean who knows that off the top of their head?! It could change daily, even hourly depending on my mood. I have different favourites for driving, cleaning, relaxing… so, after giving it (way too much) thought, I decided to let iTunes tell me what my favourite songs are by going to my “Top 25 Most Played List” (I’m kinda nervous to see what shows up!). I have Apple Music and mostly listen to it when I’m driving, which takes up a good 2-3 hours of my day so really anything could show up on this list.

Here goes!

2017-09-08 14_24_18-iTunes

Ok, not as embarassing as I thought it would be! Although I have to admit I’m really surprised that there’s no Drake or 90’s dance music on there since that seems to account for 99% of what I listen to (or so I thought!).

I so want to try this again every few months to see what pops up! Maybe I should share all 25 next time?!

Who else wants to share their lists??


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