How I Spend Time Alone

September Writing Challenge #9 – How I Spend Time Alone

This post could seriously not be more perfectly timed! As I write this on a Saturday night home alone, I have a face mask on, some candles burning (Jo Malone, of course), a glass of wine, dog curled up on the couch beside me, and the TV is playing re-runs of Sex and the City. Sounds like heaven? Too cliche?!

I’m married so I obviously live with my husband, which means that whenever I get some time alone, I have to make the most of it. We don’t spend a huge amount of time apart; random special event vacations, an annual golf trip (him, not me), out of town work trips once in a while. Right now we’re in the middle of the annual golf trip… he left yesterday morning and gets back Monday afternoon.

During the day if I’m not working I have a total girls day. This morning consisted of a special VIB Rouge event at Sephora, spending way too much on “Fall essentials” at the mall, lunch of avocado toast, nail appointment and a Starbucks date. If it’s during the week then I’m usually at work so other than going to bed alone, my days aren’t that different than usual. Night time I take the opportunity to pamper myself and relax!

Here are my personal essentials for spending time alone:

  • Spa time. I’m talking the full package – bubble bath, face mask (hello, current fave face masks!), eye patches, pedicure, and anything else that makes your body look and feel amazing
  • Wine. No explanation required!
  • Vegetarian food. This is probably just me, but I absolutely love vegetarian food and I take every opportunity I can to have meatless meals. When Mr SS is home, we usually have some kind of meat or poultry so I really relish in the time alone to eat only vegetarian, and also try new veg recipes. Tomorrow I’m planning on trying a recipe for vegan “tuna” melts that I found on Pinterest
  • Shopping. In person, online, doesn’t matter
  • Favourite TV shows/movies. One time when Mr SS was out of town, I watched the entire season of Orange is the New Black in one day, another time I watched three seasons of Girls in two days. Lately, I’m just all about SATC and because, really, when am I not all about SATC?!
  • Depending on how long the alone time lasts, sometimes I work on a project that I find difficult to complete when he’s out of town. Last time it was our closet, which happens to need to be organized again. This time I’m too busy at work so tomorrow will probably be spent doing work stuff instead 😦

How do you like to make the most out of your time alone?


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