My Guilty Pleasures

September Writing Challenge #10 – My Guilty Pleasures

Ohh this is a tough one to write about! Not because I don’t have any guilty pleasures, but because maybe I have one too many! I have this constant inner dialogue reminding me that I work hard so I deserve it, doesn’t really matter what “it” is. Yesterday it was spending a little too much at Sephora, then buying some clothes that I “needed”, more Starbucks than anyone ever needs, and finishing off the night with a glass of chardonnay. However, I have decided to narrow my guilty pleasures down to two and they do not involve beauty, clothes, wine, or even Starbucks. I couldn’t decide which one to go with so I’m picking two.

First is food related, and unsurprisingly it involves chocolate… M&M’s! I’ve come to realize that I have a little bit of an addiction to them. I’m really loving the caramel ones right now, but as I write this I’m snacking on the dark chocolate ones and they are SO GOOD! I could eat M&M’s all day, they could replace my meals, you can usually always find a half devoured bag in my purse, and if I ever see them available in bulk, I can’t resist.

I especially lose my mind when I go to the US and I get to try all of the different flavours… strawberry, coffee, mint, coconut… give me ALL of the M&M’s! Definitely a huge guilty pleasure for me!


Second one is a lot more waistline-friendly – stationary! I’m not talking about the boring stuff like pens and notepads and the stuff you actually need, I’m talking about the stylish, impractical stuff that you will probably never find a use for but it’s so cute that you Have. To. Have. It. I visit Indigo at least once a week for no other reason than to check out the cute stationary. My most recent purchases was a pink 2018 planner (which I needed!), and a really cute, yet completely unnecessary pink and rose gold clipboard and notepad. Granted, the clipboard has not been used yet but isn’t that the point of a guilty pleasure?!

I would love to hear what your guilty pleasures are! It would be great to know that I’m not alone 🙂


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