A Fruit I Dislike

September Writing Challenge #11 – A Fruit I Dislike

Hmm… this writing challenge is super random at times! Does anyone actually care if there’s a fruit that I don’t like?! Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to write about it 😉

The truth is that I’m not really a big fruit person. I *love* veggies, I could eat them all day long and rid my diet of anything else (including M&M’s!), but fruit leaves me feeling kind of “meh”. As for a fruit that I dislike, I think I’m going to have to go with oranges. (Totally did a fake out with the image above since I actually love watermelon and I can easily snack on berries.) My entire life I have never liked oranges, I hate how they smell, I think they look weird, every time I’ve cooked with them I think they feel weird, they’re just… odd. Plus, fake orange juice (like the McDonald’s one they used to serve at jr high events) makes me actually gag.

However, kinda weird, I love chocolate orange anything, and I like mimosas, which obviously are half orange juice, depending on who’s making them.

What about you guys? Any fruits that you really dislike?


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