3 Healthy Habits

September Writing Challenge #13 – 3 Healthy Habits

The idea of writing this post got me really excited. I’m always looking for new ideas to make life more healthy and more simple and after a lot of trial and error, I’m so glad to be able to share some tips with you. I actually wish I could list more than just 3, but I’m limited to the title of the post so for now, I’ll stick with 3. However, look for more similar tips from me in the future 🙂

  • Drink more water. Sounds so simple and so basic, but it’s also SO true! I struggle to drink enough water (I’ll be writing about this later) but when I do, it’s crazy just how much better I feel! I have more energy, my stomach feels great, my skin is plumper, I have fewer headaches. I can’t stress how important it is to drink more water!
  • Sweat. Kind of counterproductive from the tip above, but again, so helpful. Whatever you do in a day, find a way to sweat. Take the stairs, go for a run, dance with your dog… whatever it takes, try to fit in a “sweat session” at least a few times a week. Your body, and waistline, will thank you!
  • Know what you’re eating by making your own food. Sometimes this is a tough one for me because I love to eat out, and I get lazy with lunches and end up getting takeout lunch way too often (or not eating at all, which is even worse). Making your own food guarantees that you know exactly what you are eating and is always more healthy for you than just eating whatever.

Try the above tips for one week, and then one month and share your results with me! I am positive you will feel great at the end of it! I would also love to hear your tips for healthy habits!


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