Sephora VIB Rouge 2017 Holiday Preview Event

When you receive an email like this, you do not hesitate to register!


This past weekend I attended the Sephora Rouge 2017 Holiday Preview event and I was not left disappointed, although my bank balance would probably disagree

The event was for VIB Rouge members (min $1,000 annual spend) and it ran from 8:30-10am on Saturday morning. It was kind of cool that the mall was open for half an hour and Sephora was still closed for the event. Makes you feel special 🙂

The big draw of the event was to preview the holiday items that will be released this holiday season.

Overall, I think the event was well executed. I have been a VIB Rouge member since the program first started and I have found that it’s rare when I feel like a “special” customer. It was nice to have an event just for Rouge. The coffee, snacks and free gift (see below) were also greatly appreciated!

It was a fun event and it’s always great to be surrounded by people who share the beauty/makeup/Sephora obsession I have 🙂

Of course, I ended up having a little shopping spree, mixing new items with some restocks of old faithfuls (reviews on all will be completed):

And, as mentioned above, since I spent over $50, I got a free makeup bag with samples! I haven’t tried them all yet but I’m really excited to use them. Also, how cute is this bag?!


Did anyone else attend the event?


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