Why I Blog

September Writing Challenge #15 – Why I Blog

It seems fitting that this post would be right in the middle of the month, and therefore be right in the middle of the writing challenge.

Why do I blog…. great question! I started this blog about a year ago because I thought it would be fun, and I wanted to do something with the name Shandi. I’m so happy that I picked the name I did but everything else I did was all totally wrong. I hated the layout, I felt like I had nothing to write about, and I didn’t have good images. So, I ended up not really feeling the blog thing and just ignored it for almost a year. Clearly, I decided to start back up again and, around a month later, I’m so glad that I did!

When I’m into something, I’m really into it, and I decided I wanted somewhere where I could openly share my passions and interests, and writing about it seemed like a great idea. I used to love writing when I was a kid, and had dreams of owning my own magazine (obviously, that didn’t happen!), and my love for fashion and beauty started at a young age, which is where I would like to focus most of my energy on in this blog.

So, after years of spending why too much of my days reading other people’s blogs, I figured it was time to start my own. Whenever I was reading the blogs, I always kept thinking to myself “I can do that!” so finally, I decided to put my money were my mouth is and really try to get this thing going. Now that I’m starting it, I’m super excited to be able to share everything that I’m passionate about, my hobbies and interests, and hopefully become part of an exciting and dynamic blogging community at the same time.

I guess we will see where it takes me from here!



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