How I Stay Organized

September Writing Challenge #16 – How I Stay Organized

This post is so fitting for my life right now! I’m know I’m not alone when I say how busy I always am and how I feel as though I am constantly juggling a million things. Aside from working full time, running a household, trying to start a blog, being a wife/friend/dog mom, I am also writing a major exam in November. I feel as though I couldn’t be busier right now if I tried, yet I still can’t seem to turn down another project, or event. Needless to say, organization is a must in my life!

I use two major things to keep myself organized – my planner and my iPhone. I would be total lost without both of them! I’m someone who loves to be organized, and when I’m not is when I really start to feel stressed. Keeping myself organized is not only a good thing for me but also for those around me!

My iPhone I use for appointment reminders. I love it when I book an appointment online and the email confirmation comes with an iCal request. Yes please! Not only does it let me see my week at a glance, it sends me a (very often) much needed reminder.

I also use the Notes section of my iPhone on a daily basis. The lists I keep in that thing are INSANE! Grocery lists, weekly to do lists, seasonal shopping lists, house to-do lists; you name it, it’s in there! That’s not all I keep in there, I also use it for password storage, wifi info, random thoughts. Like most people in 2017, I could not survive without my smart phone!

As mentioned above (and also in this post), another thing I use to keep organized is my planner. I use this more at home than anything. I track things like Birthdays, days off, etc, and lately I have been using it write ideas for blog posts and make a writing schedule. It’s a huge bonus that the planners I like to buy always have a folder in them so I can keep paperwork in there, which usually consists of receipts I need to send in for payment, or mail that I’m not really sure what to do with – stuff that I should probably toss/shred but end up keeping for months anyway.

    1. This is the one I use: 2017-2018 Studio Oh! 17 Month Deluxe Large Planner – Aquarelle by Studio Oh! | 16-18 Month Agendas & Planners Gifts | It’s a Canadian store so I’m not sure if they ship to the US, but the brand is called Studio Oh. Their planners are so cute and easy to use!


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