My Favorite Colour

September Writing Challenge #18 – My Favorite Colour

This one is well-timed, because I was already planning on writing a post about this! I’ll start by saying that I have a few things going for me right now in terms of this being my favorite colour:

  • I’m a millennial (and older one, but still!)
  • I love fashion and beauty, and therefore, I’m a sucker for trends

In case you haven’t already guessed it, my favorite colour (right now) is blush. Seriously, give me everything blush! Clothes, wine, home decor, makeup, candy… if it’s blush, I pretty much need it!

Why do I love blush so much? Other than it being everywhere right now so it’s an easy colour to find, I do have a list of other reasons why:

  • I see blush as kind of a grown up version of pink. Pink has been one of my favourites for as long as I can remember, so it’s only natural that I would graduate to the more mature version
  • It goes well with black, my other favorite colour. Seriously, black and blush together?? Gorgeous!
  • It’s a neutral so not only does it go with black, it goes with just about everything else you can think of
  • Because it’s so subtle, it brightens everything up without being too bright. You can wear a pair of blush shorts without the reaction of “wow, you’re wearing pink shorts”!

Right now, here are my favorite blush items that I have recently purchased:

Blush Leather Biker Jacket – $399.99 – Mango


Blush Steve Madden Quilted Slip On Sneakers – $80 – Steve Madden

2017-09-18 12_59_07-Quilted Slip on Sneakers _ Steve Madden ECNTRCQT

Leith Pleated High Waisted Shorts – $89 – Nordstrom

2017-09-11 14_14_38-Leith High Waist Pleat Shorts _ Nordstrom

Pink & Grey Plaid Blouse – $39.95 – Dynamite

2017-09-11 14_08_55-Plaid Button Up Blouse with Pockets

Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Crossbody Bag – $222.90 – Nordstrom

2017-09-11 14_11_39-Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Velvet Crossbody Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive) _ Nordstro

Sugarfina Rose All Day Gummy Bears – $10.95 – Sugarfina

2017-09-18 13_04_08-Rosé All Day Bears - Infused Gummy Bears _ Sugarfina

What are some of your favorite blush items?


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