My Favourite Movie

September Writing Challenge #19 – My Favourite Movie

Confession time – I have been avoiding writing this post because I’m a little “abnormal” in that I don’t really like movies. I rarely go to the movie theater and it’s extremely rare that I can actually stay awake to watch a movie at home. I have no idea why, I can sit down and watch and entire series on Netflix with no problems, but for some reason a movie is more effective than a sleeping pill for me!

Having said that, I do have a favourite movie, and it’s a total cliche… it’s a movie that I have seen probably a hundred times, I know every single word and I watch it almost every time my husband is out of town. Sex & the City. The first one, although I’m one of the few who’s not opposed to the second one. I can, and do, stay awake for both.

Why SATC? Mostly because it combines three of my favourite things: fashion, New York and the SATC series. It’s a movie I can watch when I feel like crying, when I feel like being cheered up, when I want to relax, and if I want to just ignore the world for a couple of hours. Since this movie is now almost 10 years old, I don’t see my obsession changing any time soon. I’m sure that in 30 years from now when I am in my 60’s I will still not be able to control the tears running down my cheeks when Carrie yells “I am humiliated!” in the street, or the uncontrollable laughter at the infamous “Charlotte in Mexico” scene. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

I’m just going to leave this here…




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