My Fridge Staples

September Writing Challenge #21 – My Fridge Staples

Ok, how boring does the title of this post sound?! I mean, does anyone really want to know what I keep in my fridge? It’s part of the writing challenge though so I have to do it. So what do I always have in my fridge:

  • Beer & wine: Kind of goes without saying. Beer for Mr SS and wine for me (or both of us, depending on the day).  We usually have an assortment of beer in the fridge comprised of whatever we have leftover from 6 packs we have purchased, or that people have left at our house. As for wine, most of the time I end up getting a bottle the day I want it, but I try to keep a bottle of white (chardonnay or pinot grigio), rose (French), red (cab), and prosecco in the house at all times. You never know when you might need it!
  • Lemons: One thing I love in the morning is warm lemon water. I don’t really know if it’s as beneficial as the internet always says, but I drink it anyway. SOmething about it wakes me up and makes me feel good in the morning, so that alone makes it worth it to me. I usually always have a bowl of pre-cut lemon wedges in the fridge for convenience.
  • Chef’s Plate: This is something that warrants a blog post of it’s own, but I do need to mention it here because we pretty much always have a meal ready to go in the fridge. Chef’s Plate is a meal delivery service where you get 2-5 recipes delivered to you each week (you pick from a menu) with all of the ingredients ready to go. We have been using it since February and are obsessed, it makes our weekly menu planning so much easier and we avoid the “what’s for dinner” argument each time.
  • Feta Cheese: I love feta! It goes with everything, it’s delicious alone, and even though I’m lactose intolerant, for some reason I don’t have any issues with feta. Definitely a fave for me!
  • Hot Sauce: I can’t live without hot sauce! Easily my favourite condiment and our house definitely always has a collection of different brands.


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