My Favourite Drinks

September Writing Challenge #23 – My Favourite Drinks

This is kind of a fun post, it’s also really easy to write about because I have no variety in what I drink. I just stick to three things and that’s it. Exciting right?!

  1. Wine: What does it say about me that this is the first one I listed?! I seriously love wine though. Rose, white, red, sparkling… doesn’t matter, I love it all!
  2. Coffee: Either my regular “half sweet soy vanilla latte” from Starbucks, iced coffee in the warmer months, or black with two sugar cubs Nespresso from home, doesn’t matter. I love coffee and I need it every day!
  3. Water: I try to drink water all day, even though we all know that it can be difficult at times, but it makes such a huge difference to my health, my mood and how I feel all day that it’s worth it. I often add lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber to spice it up a little, but usually it’s just me and plain ol’ water.

That’s it. That’s pretty much all I drink. I would love to hear some new suggestions!


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