5 Weird Things That I Like

September Writing Challenge #24 – 5 Weird Things That I Like

The title of this one made me laugh, there’s so many different ways this could be interpreted, I mean if I like something then do I really think it’s weird?! Plus,

  1. Vacuuming: If I had time I would vacuum every day, I love how my house looks after it and I feel so satisfied when I see some lint getting picked up by the vacuum!
  2. Capers: I also love olives so my love of capers kind of goes hand in hand with capers. I just find them so delicious and I get super excited when a recipe calls for capers… I might always put way too many in there!
  3. Sneezing: I have some major sinus issues with pressure and so every single time I sneeze it feels like a huge wave of relief.
  4. Mornings: I feel like I’m always against popular opinion here but I love mornings and getting up early.
  5. Dipping fries in mayo: Because it’s tasty?! Need I say more?!

What are some things you guys like that other people find weird?


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