5 Things I Don’t Like

September Writing Challenge #25 – 5 Things I Don’t Like

The image for this post is kind of misleading because I actually love apple pie, but the leaves made sense to what’s listed below.

The last thing I wrote about what 5 Weird Things That I Like that other people might not like as much, and today I’m going to write about the opposite – 5 things that people usually like that I don’t.

  1. Fall: I know that I’m so against popular opinion here, especially at the time of year but I really don’t like Fall. At all. Full disclaimer: I hate snow, cold and winter, but I’ve realized that I actually dislike Fall even more. Fall means that winter is on its way, at least Winter means that Spring and Summer is on its way. Plus, do I even need to talk about all the pretty trees and flowers dying during Fall?! No thanks, bring Summer back!
  2. Competition: It has been said so many times by friends and family members that I’m the least competitive person they know, and it’s true. I really don’t enjoy competition of any kind. I think everyone should just do whatever they feel they can do and not worry about other people. Also, sore winners make me twitch!
  3. Movies: I don’t know what it is about movies but I just have no interest in them (except for the Sex & the City movie as discussed here). It’s not that I don’t think a movie would be good, I just lose all interest once they’re playing and I either end up doing something else or just falling asleep.
  4. Peanut butter as a sweet ingredient: Don’t get me wrong, I love peanut butter as a savory ingredient and peanut sauce is one of my favourite things to eat, but as a sweet ingredient? No thanks. You can keep the peanut butter cups too!
  5. Doing nothing: I have tried to do nothing so many times and I always end up feeling anxious and bored. I always need to be doing something! To me, the thought of spending an entire day doing literally nothing is kind of terrifying. Although this is one thing on my list that I actually wish was different!

Anyone else want to share their unpopular opinions?


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