3 Words/Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

September Writing Challenge #29 – 3 Words/Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

Ok, so this one could get offensive really fast, so I’m going to keep it at 3. Also, keep in mind that I’m in my 30’s and not cool anymore! I’m sure that my age will definitely come through with this post, but I’m cool with that!

The current words/phrases that drive me crazy are:

  1. On Fleek: how did this even become a thing?!
  2. Galentine: this might be more to do with someone I know who says this pretty much non-stop from January – February 14th who also drives me insane, but seriously, quit it with this already!
  3. Sorry not sorry: although I have to admit, I don’t have the Demi Lovato song with the same title

Just sayin’ (kidding, I actually don’t like that phrase either!)


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