10 Things About Me

I’m actually embarrassed about how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. I had all of these great ideas to blog about winter style, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and our winter vacation, and I don’t know what happened! All of a sudden we’re a week away from March and I didn’t get to do any of those posts. I am planning on doing a vacation post, so I’m really hoping I get the time to get around to it soon!

I thought a great way to reintroduce myself is by doing another About Me post, so here you go – 10 Things About Me. Enjoy!

1. I’m a city person. I live close to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and yet they mean absolutely nothing to me. I rarely go to the mountains and when I do, I don’t feel relaxed or rejuvenated or any of those things that you are supposed to feel. Instead, I find myself feeling anxious and panicky. However, whenever I visit a big city I instantly feel calm and like I can truly be myself.

2. Speaking of locations, I feel like I need to be near water, but I don’t actually do anything in the water. Like a lot of people, the ocean brings me instant peace and clarity and I crave being by the ocean every day. Living in the landlocked prairies can, and does, cause me a huge deal of anxiety!

3. Third location related fact is that I suffer from seasonal depression in the winter. I was officially diagnosed about 10 years ago and over time I find that it gets worse. During the winter months it’s not unusual for me to cry at least once a day. I wish I could be the kind of person who can brush it off with a simple “oh well, it’s just winter”, but I can’t. Snow and cold causes me some major depression!

4. I love flying. I love everything about it, booking the tickets, checking in, the excitement at the airport, the tiny bottles of wine on the plane, and finally, the destination. I don’t love it when I’m squished next to a stranger on a plane or when the flight feels like it’s taking forever and I just want off, but on the whole I would pick flying over anything. Except for one thing! I’m terrified of losing my luggage! When I’m waiting at the luggage carousel after a flight my heart is literally racing waiting to see my purple suitcase make it.

5. I know that you should never say never but I’m going to for this, I would never, ever go on a cruise. Even if I won one or if someone offered to pay me, there is nothing in this world that would make me go on one. There is not one single thing that appeals to me about a cruise and no amount of persuading from anyone would ever make me change my mind.

6. I stockpile everything. If I have a beauty product that I like, what do I do? Buy a couple more “just in case” (right now I have 3 Brazillian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butters waiting to be used once I finish the one that I’m currently using). If I need to buy toilet paper, what do I do? Buy 4 packs. I don’t know why I do this! There is seriously no logical reason that I can think of, it’s just something I do.

7. I love olives. Doesn’t matter what kind, I just love them and I crave them. I have to be careful when buying them because I know I can eat an entire container of them in one sitting, which usually consists of me standing by the fridge with a fork. If I have feta with them that’s even better!

8. Something that I’m trying to work on is my awful sleep habits. It’s extremely rare for me to sleep for more than 5 hours in a night and if I do, it’s never consecutive. On Monday night I slept for 51 minutes! During our vacation last month I started sleeping for 8 hours straight and I felt amazing and I have decided that I need to make my “sleep health” a priority for 2018!

9. I’m strangely addicted to watching lush chopping videos on Instagram (if you haven’t watched any yet, check out the hashtag #lushchop and see what I’m talking about!). I think I find them calming! I tried chopping one of my own at home and I felt nothing, I was more so just annoyed because it made a mess.

10. I want to do something different like dye my hair pink or get some new tattoos. I’ve been the safe, HR manager type for too long and I think I’ve started to lose myself in the process. Ideally, I would get a new career and move to an entirely different place but I don’t see either one of those happening any time soon, so pink hair might have to do.

(oh and the person in the picture above?! That’s me!)
– SS

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