Summer Makeup

Summer and winter could not be more different… one season is freezing cold and miserable, and the other one is hot, sunny, and happiness just permeates everything we do! (or is that just me!?) Since the weather isn’t the same, your makeup shouldn’t be either. I have made a list below of a few things that I switch out each year when the mercury starts to rise.


Hot weather can lead to oilier skin, which is the last thing I need, it’s oily enough in the winter! So, this calls for a more intense primer. During the colder months I usually use a hydrating primer, whereas in the summer I go for a mattifying one. My favorite for a long lasting matte look is Urban Decay Deslick Primer, which is no longer available at Sephora, but can be found on the Urban Decay website.

UD Deslick


In the Fall and Winter months I tend to use a liquid foundation because it’s more hydrating and provides more coverage. In the summer since I always have a little bit of a tan (no matter how hard I try to avoid it), I go for a lighter powder foundation. My favorite is the Laura Mercier Smooth Finishing Foundation Powder. Also make sure you get the right shade if you are someone that tans easily, I know I have to go usually 2 shades darker in the summer to account for my tanned skin.

LM Powder



To go with the simpler theme during summer, I switch out my dark lip colors for lighter colors, and change from matte to more glossy. Two favorites are MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel and the Dior Addict Lip Maximizing Lipgloss. Both give very light coverage with a hint of light pink for a simple summer look!



Did I mention that you need SPF?? I always wear SPF under my makeup no matter what the season, but I amp it up in the warmer months with an additional sunscreen. My daily moisturizer has sunscreen, and I also use the Clinique Pep-Start Daily SPF 50  I find it still doesn’t stop my skin from going a little bit tanned, but it at least stops it from burning!

Tip: If you’re not wearing a hat and you will be outside, add some sunscreen along where you part your hair! This area gets missed so often and it can burn so easily!

Also, don’t forget your lips! Your lips are another area that frequently get missed, and the skin on your lips is so sensitive and delicate that it can burn easily. I usually use the eos SPF lip balms.


Who else switches up their makeup in the summer? What do you use?





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