Friday Favorites – Pumps!

Switching it up a little for this weeks Friday Favorites – shoes!

I love a good pair of pumps and think it’s amazing what they can for an outfit. I’m a huge fan of street style and I love the jeans and leather jacket type look (although I just bought an amazing Babaton trench coat, which is getting more wear than my leather jackets right now) and one of the best things about that look is the ability to dress it up or down with shoes. Pumps are the perfect way to add class and style, and sometimes edge, to any outfit.

I have two favorites that I want to share with you, and both of them have passed quite a few tests:

  • Comfortable enough to wear all day at the office
  • Soft leather that doesn’t give me blisters
  • Comfortable enough to wear walking for a long period of time outside; and
  • Easy to walk in so you don’t do the “baby Bambi” walk

Both of the styles below have passed those tests and I now own both of them in multiple colors. Of course they are both from brands that continue to impress me and have never let me down.

Sam Edelman Hazel

Vince Camuto Kain


Who else has “holy grail” shoes?


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