Friday Favorites: June 15h

Guys, I am SO happy that it’s finally Friday! I know I feel like this every Friday but this week seems to have been especially tough. I can’t wait to be finished with work today so that I can hopefully have a chance to recharge and relax. I’m starting my weekend with my first ever laser genesis facial today and I am super excited! I plan on writing a blog post about my experience, so stay tuned!

I decided to change up Friday Favorites this week and instead of picking a theme of my favorite things, I want to focus on my favorite items of the week.

The first two items are from a brand that is brand new to me called Design.Me. I saw their products at Chatters the other day when I was looking for shampoo and I was immediately drawn to their stylish packaging (gets me every time!). After some further investigation I saw that all of their products are cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free, and vegan. It’s just like the best diet, only for your hair! Everything they sell looked and sounded so cool that I wanted to buy it all, but I have to have some self control so I settled on two things – the Powerdry.Me spray and the Hold.Me spray.


The Powerdry.ME spray promises to dry your hair faster due to providing a thin layer around the hair fibers to prevent the hair from holding excess water. I can attest that IT WORKS! My drying time was vastly improved. As a bonus it smells great, offers heat and UV protection, has frizz control, and smooths & conditions your hair.


The Hold.ME spray is like a completely new world, it has an adjustable nozzle! You can pick the level of hold (light/medium/high) that your style requires that day by a simple twist of the nozzle. Their formula again smells great, it’s long lasting, and adds shine, volume and UV protection. I think this will be a holy grail item for me!

Design.ME products are available online or at select salons

My third favorite of the week is a new product from NARS . Again, the packaging drew me in, but it’s the product itself that has kept me interested.

If you have been reading my blog at all, you will know that I have a serious obsession with lip products and so it’s no surprise that this week I’m adding something for my lips into the mix. This NARS Orgasm After Glow Lip Balm is AMAZING! It’s brand new to their Orgasm lineup (the blush is another fave of mine) and as usual, it does not disappoint. It leaves a neutral peachy pink glow with a very subtle gold shimmer and is extremely moisturizing! I can put it on in the morning and don’t need anything else for the rest of the day. Considering I work in an air conditioned jail cell office all day, I would say that this is a huge success! The rose gold packaging is also a plus 🙂


I’m starting to feel like these products are too beautiful to kept in a cupboard.. maybe I need to look at getting some shelves in the bathroom?!

What is everyone else loving this week?


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