My Top 10 Closet Staples

I love clothes shopping! In store, online, resale market, it doesn’t matter – I love it all! Over the past couple of years I have made an effort to focus on building up a closet full of staples that can be worn over and over again during different seasons, for different events, and with many different pieces.

I have created a list of 10 of my must have closet staples. All of these items can be dressed up or down depending on how you wear them, and will always leave you feeling put together and ready to take on the day, no matter what that day brings!

  1. Leather Jacket

    One of the best things about a great leather jacket is that it lasts forever! Styles change slightly, but a great leather jacket will always be in your closet. They can be worn in every season, and go with everything. I’ve worn my leather jacket with casual outfits and with a dress and I always, always feel great wearing it. My preferred style is a black moto style and I am still obsessed with this Trouve one I bought a few years ago. Brown also works well too as a closet staple.
  2. Jeans

    It’s hard to find anything that could be as versatile as a great pair of jeans. Just like everything else on this list, they go with everything, and can be worn every single day if you style them right. One of my go-to daytime outfits is jeans and a t-shirt, and one of my favorite nighttime outfits is jeans, a silk camisole, and a pair of killer pumps.

    When buying some staple jeans, go for great quality, a comfortable fit where they are not too tight or too loose, and a medium wash. Don’t be afraid to get them hemmed to make them the perfect length for you! My favorites right now are Citizens of Humanity in the rocket crop style.

  3. Classic White T-Shirt

    You can never go wrong with a classic white tee! I personally have classic every color t-shirts, but the white one is the one that goes with everything and never goes out of style. It’s so easy to pair it with every single thing on this list and always look and feel your best. A great quality white t shirt will be slightly looser fitting and not see-through. My favorite is the Lagarde from Aritzia

    The most important thing to remember with white t shirts is keeping them white! Wash in hot water using a detergent especially formulated for whites, and lay flat to dry.

  4. Blazer

    If you pay attention to one thing on this list, make it this one! My black blazer gets an insane amount of use. Just in the past couple of weeks alone I’ve worn it with:
    – jeans, a t shirt and sneakers
    – jeans, and a nice blouse
    – joggers and a camisole
    It can also be worn with skirts, dresses, you name it! A blazer can be dressed up for interviews and meetings, or add a professional edge to an otherwise casual outfit. There are SO many blazers out there to chose from! My two favorites are a well fitted black one and a longer white one. One thing for sure is you can never go wrong with a blazer! The ones above are from Aritzia and Dynamite

  5. Camisole


    If I had a dollar for every camisole in my closet I would have… well, a lot of $! I love, love, love cami’s! I wear them with just about everything. Joggers, v-neck cami& denim jacket? Check! Jeans, lace trimmed cami & pumps? Done! Shorts, cami & kimono? Yes please! Camisoles come in a varity of colors, styles and materials and are usually fairly inexpensive making them a priceless closet staple. My absolute faves are Babaton and RW&Co

  6. Well Fitting Dress

    You never know when you will need a dress (or skirt). Work events, weddings, last minute formal occasions. A great well fitting dress should not be mini length, so that it can be modest enough with a blazer for a work event, but you can also dress it up with a pair of stilettos and accessories for a weekend event with friends. Finding a perfect midi length dress can be difficult so make sure you go with one that makes you feel comfortable. I prefer a more fitted style since I’m on the petite side, but a flowy style works great as well! Color should match whatever your usual color palette is, if you try to go out too out of the box with a staple you might find that you don’t wear it too often. A favorite one of mine is the Babaton Matheson Dress
  7. Black Pants

    A great pair of fitted black pants can work wonders. Interview? Black pants and blazer. Dinner date? Black pants and camisole. Rainy day shopping trip? Black pants and denim jacket.

    I prefer to go with a pair that is cut more like jeans since that’s the style that works best for me and that I feel the most comfortable in.

  8. Denim Jacket

    Denim jackets might just be the most versatile piece in any closet. They go with everything! They work for during the week, going out, vacations, you name it, a denim jacket is your friend! One of my favorite outfits is a great pair of joggers with a camisole and a denim jacket. For work I will pair it with a great pair of pumps, or for the weekend a pair of slip on sneakers will do the trick.

    If you are looking for a denim jacket that will stand up to the test of constantly changing fashion trends, go with a medium length hitting just above the hips and a medium wash. I guarantee you will be wearing it for years to come!

    This jacket from Dynamite is my absolute favorite and it was only $59!

  9. Pumps

    Every woman needs a killer pair of pumps in their closet! You don’t need 4″ Louboutins to feel like a million dollars, you can wear a variety of heel heights and colours to instantly add style and confidence to any outfit. If you are really not a heels person, a pair of pointy toe flats would work just as well!

  10. Slip On Sneakers

    A great pair of slip on sneakers are not only stylish, go with everything and are super comfortable, but they can easily be dressed up or down. Depending on your lifestyle you can replace this with a pair of ballet flats.

    My favorite slip on sneakers of all time are these from Steve Madden. They are SO comfortable!


If anyone else has any closet staples they would add, please share!


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