Time to Talk Botox!

Scroll down if you want to skip the reading and just check out the before/after pics!

This post is about sharing my experience with Botox and why I am so happy that I got it. I was undecided if I was going to blog about this, but then I decided it’s 2018 and it’s about time that people stop feeling the need to hide certain things that they do for fear of judgement from others. #girlpower

The truth is that although I’m mostly happy with how I look, I can’t deny that over the past few years there have been some small things that I have wanted to change. We are all self-conscious about something and for me that was the wrinkles between my eyebrows. I have been a frowner for basically my entire life, I have an expressive face and I also don’t wear my (reading) glasses as much as I should, which ended up giving me the dreaded “11” lines between my eyebrows. It doesn’t help that the way I sleep kind of squishes my face and the lines have been getting worse overnight. Once I started to hit about age 31 those lines started to get deep enough that after I frown, they weren’t completely going away gifting me with the, oh so popular “resting b***h face” look. I was also starting to look as tired as I felt and I wasn’t okay with that. For about 2 years I researched and tried just about every product on the market different product and DIY remedy I could, but nothing would get rid of those lines. Nothing.

After finally getting sick of comments about me looking mad, tired, or sad I decided to make an appointment with a local medical aesthetic clinic to find out my options. I met with the doctor there (a licensed MD) and she recommended that I stop with all of the expensive creams that haven’t been working and just go straight to Botox.

I was very clear that I wanted to avoid the “frozen face” look so we just went with 20 units between my eyebrows, which was injected as one in the middle and two on each side. I need to point out here that I am terrified of needles and suffer from a vaso vagel response every time I am near one (basically passing out). These needles were SO tiny that all I felt was a small pinch and then it was over. The entire appointment took around 10 minutes. I was surprised at how easy it was!

As for side effects, I had a little tenderness around the injection site for about a day or two but that was it. No additional pain, no bruising, not even a headache.

The doctor said it would take 3-7 days to start noticing the effects of the Botox, and for me it was closer to 7 to get the full effect, I think because my lines were so deep. After about 10 days the lines pretty much disappeared. My face is definitely not frozen, I can still frown but the lines are nowhere near as prominent as before and they don’t stay there. My skin also looks so much smoother. No one has noticed that I got anything done but people have said that I look happy and refreshed! Ha, I don’t feel it but nice to know I can at least fake looking it.

So, as much as I love how Botox has made my face look, it’s actually how I feel that will make me into a repeat customer. For the past few years I have been waking up every day with a tension headache and more often than not, I have had to take medication for it. Since the Botox, these headaches have reduced to almost never and I haven’t had to take one single pain pill. This is so huge for me!

My treatment cost $220 (Canadian) and she said I will need to redo it about every 3 months. I actually just went back for my second treatment right at the 12 week mark because the headaches started to return. I’m one week post treatment and again, no side effects, and the headaches are completely gone.

Now for the pictures! On a side note, does anyone else just hate how they look in pictures or is that just me?!

Before Botox. Relaxed face, no filter.


After Botox. Relaxed face, no filter (but great lighting!) It’s definitely difficult to ignore the difference a tiny bit of Botox has made!


Does anyone else unapologetically get any cosmetic procedures and want to share?


Disclaimer: In this post I am sharing my personal experience with Botox. I would never recommend for someone to get any kind of cosmetic or medical procedures without consulting with a licensed medical professional first. 

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