5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Fit on Vacation

Staying fit and healthy on vacation can be difficult. Sometimes it’s much easier to indulge and ignore all of the hard work that you put in at home. And while in no way am I suggesting that you get strict with diet and exercise on vacation, there are definitely things that you can do to maintain your current health and fitness state while also enjoying some well deserved time in the sun!

I am sharing my top 5 ways to stay healthy and fit on vacation:


  1. Don’t go overboard: It’s so tempting to eat all of the delicious local food and drink all of the local cocktails, especially when you’re frequently eating out. But keep your health and fitness goals in mind when deciding to indulge. Stop eating when you’re full and remember that you don’t have to eat it all. I try to limit my “unhealthy food” to only one meal a day when on vacation, and I try to add healthy sides and snacks.

    Bonus tip: start out the day with a healthy breakfast and black coffee. You will feel much less guilty about indulging later!

  2. Use the hotel gym or take a class: Depending on where you are staying, a lot of resorts have free fitness classes. For some reason working out on vacation feels so much better than at home. I actually really enjoy getting up early on vacation, working out and then having a coffee before starting my day. Also, free ocean-side yoga?! Sign me up!

    Bonus tip: even if your hotel/resort doesn’t have classes, a run along the beach or park will give you a great workout while also resulting in some serious sightseeing.

  3. Walk: Walking is such a great way to get your fitness in for the day and it’s always so much more interesting on vacation because there’s so much to see.  Exploring on foot allows you to experience someplace new and get your steps in.

    Bonus tip: track your steps with a FitBit, iPhone, or other steps tracker. See if you can beat your at home numbers!

  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Upping your water intake on vacation is even more important than when you’re at home (although you should always be well hydrated regardless of where you are). The climate on vacation is usually different than at home so your body will need some more hydration to help adjust. Don’t forget to drink one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage if you are partaking in some cocktails with a view, your body will thank you.

    Bonus tip: add some fruit into your water to make it taste better

  5. Don’t stress: This the whole point of vacation. Even if you’re having too much fun to do the other 4 things on this list, if you stress less than you do at home then your vacation was worth it.

    Bonus tip: treat yourself! Whether’s a massage or a fun souvenir, treat yourself with something that will make you instantly feel happy.

    Most of all, remember to have fun, it’s called a vacation for a reason!

    Does anyone else have any tips for staying fit and healthy while on vacation?


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