What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

We’re just over halfway through July and if you guys are anything like me, you are deep into wedding season. With the exception of what gift to get the couple (registry or cash, always), I think the most frequent wedding guest related conundrum is what to wear.

Below I have shared my top 5 tips for what to wear as a wedding guest as well as my top 5 favorite items:

  1. Don’t wear white. This one should go without saying, but you never know. Even if the bride is wearing a color (blush wedding dress = so gorgeous!), don’t wear white.
  2. Keep it appropriate. Not too tight, not too short, it’s a wedding not the club!
  3. Black is fine! I have heard many people say not to wear black to a wedding I strongly disagree with this. Black is chic, flattering, easy to wear, and always in style!
  4. Chic pants or jumpsuits are acceptable. Leggings and sweats are not.
  5. Avoid denim. Another one that should go without saying but again, you just never know.

Keep scrolling for my favorite wedding guest outfit ideas in a variety of styles and price points.

Vici Collection  (FYI – Vici has a Wedding Guest section)

Jumpsuit – $52 / Floral Midi Dress – $20 / Lace Dress – $68

Nordstrom  (Nordstrom also has a Wedding Guest section)

Peach Dress $63 / Maxi *OMG love this* $330 / Coral Dress $260


Wrap Dress $98 / Jumpsuit $178 / Floral Dress $115 (currently on sale)



Belted Floral Dress $44.95 / Lace Romper $64.95 / Jumpsuit $64.95

Now you can go and enjoy the champagne and dancing!


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