Bachelorette Party Favor Bags

In keeping with my last post about what to wear to a wedding, I wanted to share these cute little gift bags I made for a bachelorette party this weekend. The bride wanted a low-key day with no fuss and nothing to “bride-y” so we decided on an afternoon at the spa (with wine!) followed by dinner and some games at a local arcade type place. Even though she didn’t want attention to be drawn that it was anything more than just a girls night out, as maid of honor I wanted to do something special! So I decided to make gift bags for everyone as a thank you for attending.

In the bags I included:

  • Sugarfina Pressed Juicery gummy bears – kind of a fun way to get your “greens” in!
  • Masque Bar Face Mask – to relax from the night before and start to prep your skin for the wedding. These are individually packaged so they are a great idea for a gift bag
  • Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer – I just love hand sanitizer and you can never have too much, especially when we were visiting an arcade
  • Advil – in case you indulge in too much wine the night before
  • Tums – again, too much wine = heartburn
  • Band Aids – you just never know when you will need them
  • Mints – to freshen your breath after dinner
  • Ring Pop – because it was a bachelorette, after all!

I bought pink paper bags from Michaels and decorated them with “I-Do Crew” tags also purchased from Michaels. It was such a simple and inexpensive thing to put together but the thought was appreciated.

As a bride did you have gift bags for your bachelorette? What did they include?


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