Fall 2018 Fashion Shopping List

I’m still not ready to embrace Fall (and I don’t think I ever will be), but I am able to face up to the need for a new wardrobe. I mean, who doesn’t want that?!

Since our warm seasons are so short I find that I usually have a lot of items leftover from the previous year that I can wear so I find that for spring and summer my shopping list isn’t too crazy. But, when fall rolls around my list is always huge! I find that since I wore all of my pants/sweaters/blazers so much last year and for so long, I’m ready for some new stuff!

Here is what’s on my list for this season:

Watch this space for ideas on how to style the items below!


Black jeans. My current pair is getting really old and I need new ones. I love the versatility of black jeans, you can pair them with a silk cami and pumps for a dressier look or a sweater and sneakers when you are feeling more casual.

black jeans

Casual joggers. I am becoming so obsessed with joggers lately. I bought two pairs from Aritzia earlier this year and I wear them All. The. Time. I’m starting to feel over wearing leggings at home so I’m really looking for a cute comfy pair for lounging around.

casual joggers

Over the knee boots. These have been kind of on my list for years, but I always hesitate because are they are so not the usual style for this city, and even though I always feel like a million dollars when I try them on, I always think that people are judging me for being over 30 and wearing them. Well this year, I don’t care, I’m getting my boots!

over the knee boots

Gucci belt. One splurge per season is fine, right!?

gucci belt

Graphic t shirt/s. I’m really loving the look of jeans with a graphic t shirt (preferably a band shirt), or with a leather pencil skirt (which I have) and I have decided that I need them all.

rolling stones t shirt

Off white sweater dress. How cute would this look with the Gucci belt *insert winking emoji here*

sweater dress

White button down shirt. Super versatile, goes with everything and the white will brighten up my usually depressingly dark fall/winter style.

button down shirt

Silk duster/kimono in blush or champagne. I have become quite the kimono/duster collector lately and I see no signs of slowing down. I love how they can elevate an otherwise basic outfit into something more striking. I would love to find a silk one in either blush or champagne!


Quality white t shirt/s. This is almost always on my list! If anyone has any that are not too big, not too tight and not see through I would be forever indebted to you!

white t shirt

Dark denim jacket. In the warmer months I wear my denim jacket to death and often I plan my outfits around it. I don’t really want to give that up for the other 8 months out of the year so I thought if I add a darker one it would give me the same look but with a fall/winter spin.

denim jacket

Olive green bomber jacket. I put this on here because I already bought one and I am in love with it. Sure, I feel like Tom Cruise when I wear it with my aviators but I don’t even care, it’s the perfect fall jacket.

bomber jacket

Slouchy off the shoulder sweaters in a chunky knit (can’t wait to pair these with white jeans!). I’m thinking taupe, white, or grey would be cute.


Dark green and black plaid shirt. I’m not a fan of plaid at all, but I saw a picture on Pinterest of a dark green and black plaid shirt with a pencil skirt and became obsessed with the look. So, this year I’m hopefully going to add one to my wardrobe.

plaid shirt

Skirts. Usually I don’t add skirts to my fall and winter lists because our weather October-May is brutal and wearing a skirt is just, well, kinda dumb. But this year I think I want to live on the edge a little and sacrifice warmth for fashion. I’m loving these 90’s style ones (and yes, I did wear these styles the first time around!)


What are you guys looking for this season?




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