5 Weird Things About Me

September Writing Challenge #28 – 5 Weird Things About Me


  1. I’m obsessed with toilet paper. I know, so weird, but I am. I have to have lots of spare rolls in the house at all times and whenever I buy new toilet paper I always buy at least 2 packs at a time. It also has to be a certain brand (Purex Ultra, in case you were wondering).
  2. I love hot weather. I’m not talking a beautiful early summer day when it’s comfortably warm, I’m talking about hot as hell, July in Las Vegas kind of hot! I just love it!
  3. I’ve lived in Canada for 20 years but I’m still not a Canadian Citizen. There’s no real reason why I’m not, I’m a Permanent Resident so I can live and work here, I just have never felt the urge to become a citizen. So much time has gone by that now it’s just become a thing.
  4. I’m a Coronation Street fan. I don’t even care what anyone says about this, I love this show and I have watched it since a child so I don’t ever see that changing. One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is curling up on the couch watching Friday night’s episode with a fresh cup of coffee. And, if you ask, I do have a favourite character – Eva, of course!
  5. I am more comfortable dressed up than down. I dress casual all the time, even my work dress code is pretty casual, but I still feel my best and feel most like myself when I’m dressed up and I love everything about being dressed up.

Anyone want to share random facts about themselves?


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